Singing Assembly

Calling all budding lyricists

In KS2 singing assembly on Tuesday 20th June, we started to learn the original song 'Real'.  If you listen to the audio file attached below, you will notice that the second verse has no vocals.  This is because the lyrics to the second verse have not been written yet.  We would like to give all the children in KS2 the opportunity to create the lyrics to the second verse.  

If you want to get involved, listen to the audio track by clicking on the link below (Audio Track - Real), write down lyrics that fit the rhythm of the second verse and then come and see Mrs Rixon with your words before next Tuesday (27th June).  Mrs Rixon will select the best 1 or 2 entries and teach the whole of KS2 your lyrics!

Here is a copy of the lyrics for verse 1 to help you:

When you're up on your life

Will you notice me? 

When you go cruising effortlessly

When you're passing by

Will you think twice?

When you take more then we get less.