Year 3 - Ms Welton / Mrs McCaskill

Welcome to Year 3MW.

Hayley Welton and Genevieve McCaskill teach in Year 3 along with Jill Jones (Year 3/4 LSA) and Helen Prewett. Mrs McCaskill teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Miss Welton teaches on Thursday and Friday.  They are out of class for planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA) every second Wednesday afternoon. Miss Perugini takes the class when they are out.

Please take a look at the class blog and gallery to see what they have been doing recently.

Term 1 

The children enjoyed the return to school and their first term as Year 3. The line of enquiry for their learning during the first term stemed from the question "How do animals adapt to their environments?" A trip to Bristol Zoo helped the children to learn about the animals which live in tropical rainforests. The children studied a fiction book in english lessons which captured their imaginations and took their thinking off to warm, tropical places. The book studied was 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry. It introduced topics such as Deforestation and the importance of looking after our planet. During Term 1, the classroom became the 'Canopy'of a tropical rainforest with childrens art work displayed around the room and wonderful creative descriptions of the rainforest displayed upon the walls. The 'rainforest' was opened for parents and caregivers to come and enjoy and the children were proud to show-off their work.

We are looking forward to Term 2 and learning about Celebrations and the use of light in festivals.