Parent Council Update

Tuesday 10 October, 2017

For those of you who are new to Luckwell the Parent Council is made up of a parent from each class. We are looking for representatives in year Reception. Please let Jacqui Noble know if you are interested.

Lunchtime arrangements

We have increased the number of adults in the playground at break and lunchtime. We always have a member of the Senior Leadership Team outside during lunchtime now to support with play. Children are mixing between the playgrounds with supervision in the tunnel between. Reception children are only using the top playground at lunchtime. Once the reception children have finished their lunch they go to their classroom with their SMSA (Liz) and are then taken to the top playground at 12:30. We have introduced a rota for ball games and for the use of agility trail in the bottom playground. Jacqui spoke with children a couple of weeks ago about the changes and they were positive and said they felt safe. We will be working with School Council to further improvement break and lunch times. If children are worried at break and lunchtime they are told to talk to an SMSA. The SMSA will then deal with the issue and also make the class teacher aware.  

We are looking at using the courts during lunchtime to provide more space for children to play ball games etc. We always welcome loose parts for children to play with. The buggies are particularly popular with the children so if you have any old ones (toy or real) we would be grateful for donations.


The newsletter is e-mailed out to parents weekly so please ensure the school office have your e-mail details.  We are also going to put large copies up in the outside classroom windows weekly.  The newsletter contains important information for the week ahead and will have regular updates about the progress we are making with issues raised by Ofsted.


We are aware that the school website is in need of being updated and over the next couple of weeks we will be working on this. Please let parent council or a member of staff know if you have any ideas about what you would like to see on the website.


Safeguarding was highlighted in the Ofsted report as an area needing improvement. We have already begun work on this and the appendix sent out with the report shows you some of the things we have done (you can also download this below). Our next step will be a safeguarding review by the Local Authority which will happen on Thursday. We are also looking at how we educate our children to be good citizens and to understand and respect difference. We will be doing this through regular assemblies, weekly personal, social and health education lessons and working with charities and organisations to teach children about respecting and understanding difference.

Improvements to the playground and outdoor space

You will have noticed that work has been done over the Summer to improve the outdoor space for children.  However there is more work we would like to do.  We are looking at getting planters made to go around the edge of the playground and giving children the responsibility for looking after these.  If you are able to help with this please speak to myself or a member of the parent council.