Pupil Voice

Friday 29 January, 2016


Luckwell is a great school because……..

  • We behave really well.
  • Teachers explain things well to us to help us understand.
  • Teachers ask lots of questions to help us understand.
  • We get excited about lessons in lots of subjects.
  • We get given thinking time to help us with our learning.
  • We work independently, in pairs and in groups.
  • Teachers stop and explain things if we don’t understand them.
  • Lessons are paced just right.
  • Teachers have everything we need ready for our lessons.
  • We take responsibility for helping to get everything ready for our lessons.
  • Displays in our classrooms help us to learn.
  • Our teachers make it clear what we are going to learn.
  • Teachers check our understanding at the end of the lesson.
  • Teachers tell us what they are looking for in our work and we explain what we are learning.
  • Teachers do lots of things to help us learn
    • Lessons with games
    • We are encouraged to ask questions
    • Displays to help us
    • Check and mark work
    • Stay with and encourage us
    • Encourage us to ask a friend to review our work
    • We know what our next steps are
    • Teachers use green to be seen and pink to think to mark our work
    • Sometimes we mark our own work.
    • We are encouraged to ask questions and give our opinions about things.
    • Teachers make us think every day.
    • The work we get given is just right and we feel challenged.
    • Different children do different work
    • We learn as much as we can.
    • We get attention from our teacher when we need it.


By the children of Luckwell

July 2015