Luckwell in currently governed by an Interim Executive Board. The board members are:

Sarah Baker (Chair) — Designated CEO of the Gatehouse Green MAT
Jenny Brookes — Teaching and Learning, Local Authority
Vivien Champeney — Future Trustee of the Gatehouse Green MAT
Richard Hanks — School Improvement, Local Authority
Jacqui Noble — Acting Head of Luckwell
Cary Bush - Finance Governor
Mark Williams — Future Trustee of the Gatehouse Green MAT and parent of children at Ashton Park

To contact the IEB confidentially please contact the IEB's Clerk by clicking this link
You can contact the IEB via the school e-mail address or if you prefer please send a letter to the school office for the attention of the IEB.

The board are monitoring the progress of the school and ensuring that support is in place to move forward. Minutes of their meetings can be viewed and downloaded below.