Luckwell Primary School is part of the South West Bristol Co-operative Learning Trust.

This Trust was set up in April 2010 and there are nine partners altogether. We are:

Ashton Park School, Luckwell Primary School, Compass Point: South Street School and Children’s Centre, Ashton Vale Primary School, 
Bristol City Council
, Bristol City Football Club, The University of the West of England, The Tobacco Factory Theatre and The Co-operative Group.

Our vision as a Trust is to help all children and young people in our schools to enjoy learning, be ambitious, raise their attainment and aspire to worthwhile careers and lives. Steered by our moral values and principles, we are finding new ways to work together and to engage with you, our local community. We believe that all this work will create stronger schools and a stronger community spirit in South West Bristol.

Each Trust school is proud to have its own identity and to reflect and belong to its own diverse local community. At the same time, our schools find strength and many opportunities in working together as a Trust.

Our Trust is based on the values and principles of the Co-operative movement – self-help, self-responsibility, equity. equality, democracy and solidarity – and these are all practised within our schools and reflected in our governance, curriculum, pedagogy, projects, community activities, continued professional development and in our ethos itself.

We are not alone in our journey. Across the country, over 200 schools have now converted to become either Co-operative Academies, such as Cotham School, or Co-operative Learning Trusts like us, many of them in the South West of England. As the structure of education rapidly changes in this country and increasing numbers of schools opt out of Local Authority ownership, we find ourselves with a model whereby we – the pupils, parents, staff – and you, the local community – own our school buildings and resources and hold them in trust for future generations.

Trust activities

We view the Trust as benefitting 4 particular groups of people:

Our Children

We plan throughout the year a number of activities designed to get the children in our trust working together and sharing their learning. These have included sporting events, singing events and writing workshops. We also use the Trust partnerships to enhance the learning experiences for our children with their resources or additional expertise. For example, the Tobacco Factory supported last year's Shakespeare Week by providing trained theatre directors to work with our teachers and children, as well as lending us their theatre to perform in.

Our Staff

We ensure that our staff have many opportunities through the year to network and share best practice. This year we are all working together on year-long action research projects, and we have hosted many whole-Trust training sessions.

Our Leadership and the Wider School System

The leaders of the Trust Schools meet regularly to plan out school strategy and to support each other in their own evaluations of the strengths and weaknesses of their respective schools.

Our Wider Community

We want the Trust's work to benefit all people living in the BS3 community. Consequently we look to facilitate opportunities to bring people together. The most visible example of this is our Handfuls of Harmony Community Choir who meet regularly to sing together and perform. Despite only being formed very recently we have just gone from strength to strength and thanks to a £50000 prize from ITV's People's Millions, we have big plans for the future.